Hearing Evaluation and Hearing Aids

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Comprehensive Hearing Care

Are You Suffering with Hearing Loss?

  • Does your family complain that the TV is too loud?
  • Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Are you uncomfortable in restaurants or at parties because you often can't understand what people are saying?
  • Do you have problems hearing women's and children's voices?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing over the telephone?

Answering yes to any one of these is an indicator that you may be suffering from hearing loss.

The odds of suffering from age-related hearing loss increase as we age.

Odds of Suffering Hearing Loss

My hearing isn't that bad. Why not wait until it really bothers me?

Age-related hearing loss comes on very slowly and can go unnoticed for years. If left undiagnosed and untreated, hearing loss has been linked to the following serious health issues:

  • DEMENTIA - Studies indicate that there may be a link between hearing loss and early-onset dementia.
  • DEPRESSION - Difficulty in maintaining social relationships leads to sadness and depression
  • PROBLEMS AT WORK - Impaired communications at work due to hearing loss have been linked to reduced job performance and lowered earnings potential
  • FALLING - Untreated hearing loss can increase the risks of falling and sustaining life-threatening injuries.
  • HOSPITALIZATION - Untreated hearing loss can contribute to an increase in health problems and  hospitalizations.

Are Hearing Aids the Right Solution for Me?

Hearing aids may be the solution if you have experienced hearing loss. The longer patients endure hearing loss, the harder it is for them to adjust to normal hearing again. GOhear hearing aids do much more than just make everything louder. They make hearing and understanding easier. Consult a skilled, professional audiologist to learn more about advanced hearing devices.

How Do Hearing Aid Devices Work?

Auto-Switching Dual Adaptive Microphones

By adapting to the environment you can either focus on sounds in front of you (like when you are involved in a conversation in a restaurant) or switch to omni-directional mode to hear all around (like when you are outdoors).

Speech Recognition System

Automatically suppresses unwanted background noise (wind, air-conditioning, traffic) and enhance speech to help you focus on what people are saying.

Sudden Sound Suppression

Have you ever seen someone with hearing aids cringe when there is an unexpected loud noise? This doesn't happen with GOhear hearing aids because they automatically reduce loud noises before you ever hear them.

Advanced Feedback Cancellation

Feedback (whistling) is automatically suppressed making talking on the phone easy and comfortable.

Hearing Aid Cost

Hearing Aid Includes:

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee (refund less 100.00 restocking fee, per company)
  • 2 year limited manufactures warranty
  • 1 pack batteries
  • tube and dome
  • deluxe storage case
  • cleaning rod

Hearing Aid Prices

Please contact us for the most current pricing

Optional Loss & Damage Program

  • 100.00 per hearing aid
  • 150.00 deductible/claim per hearing aid
  • Choice of 1 or 3 year plan
  • Hearing aids replaced under the Loss & Damage program may not be returned for credit
  • Must enroll hearing aid(s) in L&D Program the same day of hearing aid(s) purchase (per OMRON)


If sending out to Omron is necessary:

  • In-warranty: 0.00 using Rapid Exchange
  • Out-of-warranty: please ask us for a quote

Tubes and Domes

  • 3 month guarantee
  • please check with us for current pricing

Battery Size: 312